I wasn't going to do this, but I have 15 minutes left of Christmas, so why the hell not :0

- Car Stereo [I actually got this early because of Black Friday sales. Ipod hookup yesss <3]

- Woot Tshirt and pajamas things

-An ipod/iphone speaker dock thingy that charges it while it plays. This may have to do with the day that my mom had to call my Dads coworker to come /into the house/ because I ignored my cellphone and the house phone ringing. ^^;

- $20 and a Geisha doll from Dilma. Very sweet, and pretty.. it came with a mystery umbrella. o_0

- A writing set with holographic cover.. Black paper and gel pens. Very Lisa Frank and 90's-y.

- Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd.

-A notebook with cherry blossoms and a girl on it, plus a school bag that looks like a composition book

-a tin hello kitty lunchbox

-A box of See's lollipops, because the vanilla are my favorite and they only sold in boxes. :X

- A Japanese Immersion CD set. Which is really cute, and thoughtful (relevant to my interests) even though my parents have already spent thousands to teach me the stuff on the CD in college. ^^; Listening practice!!

We brought everything to my dad's hospital room and opened it with him. I'm happy, mainly because my parents actually appreciated their gifts. :D I put heart into them.
Mom got Scentsy, bookshelf trinkets, Itunes card and tickets to see a play with me.
My dad got a bunch of art supplies ( watercolors, acrylics, a sketch pad and drawing set, and a sumi-e kit and book.) He used to be really artistic, and draw and paint a lot and mentioned during the summer that he 'should get back into it'. Since we don't have a backyard anymore or much to build or mess with, art is the perfect thing to give him to do. Now he won't have to watch TV all the time. :D

My favorite part was my dad reading the book and wanting the drawing pads within arms reach of his bed. :> My mom accidentally packed them up and brought them home, but I put them back so he has them with him in the morning.

Spent all Christmas eve making polish food by myself, and bringing it in tupperware to eat at the hospital. I also started and (mostly) finished a kimono for a cosplay. :D
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long time gone

Ever read a book so good you mourned when it was over?

I just did... two of them. I feel kind of cheesy since I just added the author on LJ and she just added me back and THATS SO AWESOME, but I need to write. Something.

I just finished "Linger" by Maggie Stiefvater, which is the sequel to "Shiver." Both books are absolutely amazing. My mom had it in her library from her book trading days. (Shiver is actually an ARC/Advanced Reading Copy my mom somehow comes upon. Its a good excuse to buy the published version when I'm in a bookstore next~

They're both Bestsellers, and for good reason. Yes, they're about werewolves, but Twilight can't even hold a candle to this. These books are going on my black bookself, top self. Joining the other half dozen or so books you'll never, ever see me sell, give away, or leave. These are going with me when I move--- Japan or elsewhere.

I stretched out reading the book for a week or two, only allowing myself a chapter or two before bed so I could savor it. Last night I couldn't help and finish it. ;_; Its really a great book. Creative, lyrical, there is romance and kissing. Its one of those books I can 'see'. It just plays out in your head perfectly.

It inspired me with roleplays/writing with Kiyo. It got me folding paper cranes again.
(Good, cause I plan on folding 1,000 to bring to Kure when I go back.)

Its just. so. good.

Read it.

I guess I should say I'm sorry for not actually LJ-ing. I've been on the website every day to read, but I really just haven't felt like writing. The most I've done is Facebook statuses. I think everyone on here already has me on facebook regardless.
The last 3 months have been insane. My dads out of the hospital (after 3 months) and so far, so good. No more signs of the flesh eating bacteria. My dad was talking on the phone and I heard him say that there has been 4 cases in the past couple of months in Overlake hospital. My dad has been the only one to survive. :D

I'm going to UW!! Go huskies!! Goodbye money. I have to call the Financial aid office and make sure I get my student loans in time for orientation/registration.

Also, I am going as Tonks to Dream Camp. :B

Writer's Block: Mystery meat

What is the most disgusting food you have ever eaten? What made it so gross?

Sea urchin. It was in a broth, and basically tastes like warm sand and phlegm with a bit like a scallop that you just cant stop chewing because its so rough.
I also ate a deep-fried whole fish, with its bone. I didn't attempt to eat the skull, yuch.

Both of these things happened while I was in Japan.


I have a job! \o/

It's permanent. \o/

Its at Micheals crafts~ Whee.

So good things are happening. Tonight is my first day/training, and I'm going to talk to the manager at my schedule. I feel bad, April and May are busy and I'll need a lot of days off. D:
Slightly nervous about that, but I'm in a good mood. I'm not going to let me chew me up and spit me out like Target did. I think I'll really love this job. It's closer to my house, right between home and college, and it's a CRAFTS store. :D So it'll be creative, and something I have a passion for. (I do not have a passion for clothes at Target.)
The store I work at is also smaller than Target/more intimate. Which I like. :)

Other than that... its the last week before finals. @_@ Then during spring break is working Day 0 at Sakuracon, Owl City concert (!! <3) and Sakuracon early the next morning.

Cosplays are mostly a success. I will be at Sakuracon in a giant robot if time is willing. The base is ready, I just have to finish gluing the chin piece down and work on the arms. I'm excited!
My attention span is gone now. x_x

College stuff.

Man, being an adult sucks.

I went for my college visit to Northwest University today. Yes, it is a private christian school. It is my backup school, that way I can get in, get my Bachelors degree and go to Japan ASAP. Always good to have a backup plan. :3
Well... the entire school is about the size of Oly's /senior class./ Not the size of our school, population wise... the size of the SENIORS in Oly last year. It was pretty dead. Which was kind of unnerving, because OC is pretty big, and BC (Bellevue College, where I go now) is flipping huge and there is ALWAYS people close by.

The people are really nice, but it kind of unnerved me. Not in a horrible way, but still. Enough for me to really hope I get into UW and don't have to go with a second choice. Its nothing wrong with the people or the school... I just wouldn't feel comfortable or that I fit in. I'm spiritual, not religous. So a religious school wouldn't bug me, but I wouldn't be able to meet anyone on that level. It's just not me.

I did get to ride around the whole campus on those little golf-cart things. It was really sunny and nice, and that was cool as well. I sat in a class that consisted of TWO people. Seriously. The school is on a semester season as well, so you have multiple textbooks a class.
Overall, I could live with going to the college, but it'd just be a means to and end. My ultimate goal is to get a BA, enroll in JET and be back in Japan. My preferred way would be with a Bachelors or Minor in Japanese and some teaching classes at UW... but I'd rather not screw myself over with 'putting my eggs all in one basket'.

I am actually considering applying to some other place, like City University. They're on a rolling basis (meaning I dont have to apply 6 months ahead of time.) and they're not religious, so I won't need a reccomendation from a pastor. (I don't have a pastor, I don't really go to church since I have Rainbow.)

Busy week, blegh. I have my honor night this weekend. o_< Oh snap!

Pointless entry is pointless. I need to read 2 more chapters of Human Bio for my exam tommorrow and do a lab.

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Another decade passed

I never actually 'journal' on livejournal anymore, but I still wanted to post something. I realized about two days ago that it was the end of a decade. A little late, but a cool concept. I wanted to find all the music I was into.. but it's sooo not going to happen. x_x

I'll try to remember the high points of this decade the best I can.
2000- I remember staying up till midnight, kind of scared about Y2k, but not enough to really believe it. My aunt, a missionary, stocked up on canned food and kerosene lamps. Nothing happened, life went on and I got even more involved in computers.
2001- Thunder turned six, and took a sharp downturn during the fall. He was given to the vet on Dec 26th, and was put down December 27th, 2001 after fighting a long time with stomach cancer. I remember walking him with my mom and being overjoyed when he pooped. It had meant he had actually kept food down. I still miss him, and losing him had been the worst thing that has happened to me.
I stopped hanging out with my neighbors after this.
2002- We got Misty the first week of January. We drove to fife to pick her up. Her breeder called her Wendy, and she ran away from us in the lady's huge checker-board kitchen. She was selling her for a lot (700, maybe a grand) because her ears were crooked. Like when we got Thunder, Misty tried to escape when we let her out of the car. My dad was smart enough to close the garage door this time. XD She slept against our couch, and played with her toy frog until she ate the squeaker.
2003- I meet Kiyo on Gaia I'm pretty sure. Played a lot of Neopets, got into roleplaying on AIM. This was around the time I started getting into anime hardcore after finding a Ranma 1/2 manga for 25 cents at the library.
2004- Uh, I don't know. My mom got me a Japanese workbook, and I begin by taking Japanese 1 with Oishi-sensei! <3 My favorite part of the morning. I remember getting up early, having an amazing time, then going home. I'd rush to finish my homework. I remember spending as many as 12 hours rping with Kiyo or playing RO-- pay server. Probably met Marlo around this time, or the year after. This was probably the year we were a host family for a Japanese girl from Kure named Kanae. She left a week in to live with the family who hosted a boy. I remember goign to their house near the water and having the Japanese girls put a yukata on me. I had a small crush on June, the guy host student. Its mostly fond memories, because the other host familys were incredibly nice and open to me. (Something I hadn't felt yet.)
I remember Mrs. Elaine Valencia coming to my house to see if it was proper for hosting Kanae. I didn't know then that I'd try for the very same program she coordinated. :>
2005!: Best year ever. New years celebration with Oishi and Fujimura-sensei. My mom makes the decision to enroll me full time in public school after math became too hard to teach. I meet Mandarr, and she invites me to join Rainbow over Yahoo instant messanger. Google came up with wierd results. I go to my first sleepover at her house, which is a Rainbow event. Amanada mom is on her computer in the now-dining-room and calls me over.
"Hey, Jannah? Is your last name...Horvath?
Did you -----" (something about homeschool program or awanas" Yes to both questions.
Big grin, and we hear about how Amanda and I've known each other since preschool. Amanda collapses in laughter and hugs me. My favorite memory. Amanda, amelia and her mom come over to my house for a visitation. Amelia remembers my backyard, and I remember showing Amanda's mom the hallmark snowman toy my mom has. I join Rainbow with Mikaela Lambart at the end of Amanda Marleys term. I'm installed as Patriotism at Amanda's first installation. "Welcome to my Garden."
2006: Life is awesome. I lose Chemistry with Amanda, but I get to have a PE clss with Chowder.
We talk about Gin, and have an abortion debate in the Fairview Girls locker room.
2007: High school! Sophomore english with Chow, epic comics.. Good year. I think I am elected into Faith. start looking into Running Start, try for my first time for the Bremerton-Kure program. Get appointed as Correspondent of West virginia! First Sakuracon? Chowder shows me Gurren. My mind is blown.
2008: Good year. Corrie of Maryland :D I started cosplaying. My love for Gurren continues to burn. Nevershoutnever. Owl city. Zephyr. ;-;
2009: Holy crap. Got a class with Eisele and Mandarr. We graduate high school. I try out for Japan one last time, and GET IT! I almost get it taken from me because of the Swine Flu scare. I begin and end my term as Worthy Advisor. I'm appointed a Grand Office. I spend in a month in Japan, travel the country... Leave me heart there. Get ripped from my house and moved to Bothell. Go to college, got my own car.. got hired at Target. Pretty much become an adult. I come back from Japan and Mandarr dumped the guy she was going to move away and marry to a local guy...I left, when I came back everything was new. Something became better, many worse. Overall, this year sucked. Japan was and will always be the absolute high point, along with Rainbow and friends. My senior year wasn't the best.. but.. you know, whatever. What happens, happens. I'm working every day to my dream. I'm forging my own path.
This year ended on a great note. I spent a day in Seattle with her, then she came home with me and we had the night and half a day. We went to Pikes Place, a Seattle antique shop.. Starbucks, ye olde Curisousity shop. We went to Uwajimaya village, shopped around and had ramen and cake. We did tea tasting and got some amazing lychee and red coconut teas. I brought her to Sushi Me, a conveyor belt sushi place where we had a yummy $10 worth of sushi. We went to another tea shop, brainstormed on Lagann. Today we actually started on making Lagann for Sakuracon. We got stuff to make bento and got lost on the way back.
It was a lot of fun, and the little moments we had,I'll always remember. Even if I forget, having them makes me a little happier.

Resolutions: Sugar-free for the year. No snacking, a small treat each friday after dinner.
Walk a few laps around the building every morning/afternoon.
Transcribe my Japan diary into text.

Get into UW
Get a small job for spending money.
Finish my associates degree quickly.
Work on my major for UW
Grand office things

Christmas! :D

I remember its kind of a LJ tradition to post about Christmas... so here it goes!
I haven't really been in the Christmas spirit at all. In fact, I didn't even get excited about presents really. I'm not depressed though, so it was good. I was ina great mood for most of the day on Christmas Eve. I had a lot of fun with my coworkers, Target catered PAnera Bread for breakfast and we had Dominoes for lunch. I got out at a decent time and bought a few more things for my parents. Amelia, one of my coworkers gave me a bag of cookies/nut bars she made. :) I decided to buy some mix to make cupcakes that I promised a while ago. I wasn't pumped for Christmas, but it was nice. My mom worked yesterday too, and no one was in the mood to go to church. (I was, but I felt like going to the service in Silverdale.. not some random church over here.) I puttered on my computer and we opened our traditional Christmas Eve presents.
I stayed up till midnight, making cupcakes and typing up my Japan journal. (Something I've been wanting to do for the past 6 months. Holy snap, has it really been 6 months? D:)
This morning my mom woke me up at 8 and told me she couldn't wait anymore. XD It was like she was the kid at Christmas. I handed out all the presents after I got me some coffee and bacon. c: My dad ended up getting a lot more presents than the rest of us did. My mom loves shopping for him (She got him a kahlua and liquor filled chocolates.. Sensing a theme here? He said. XD) and usually I get him small things cause my mom gets a lot more. But she got big items, like gnome PJS and so on. Anyway!
Here's what I got, even though it really doesn't matter.

-Black shiny pennyloafer shoes. Will come useful in cosplay and for job interviews~
-Munny Rooz, one for me and one for Amanda
-Owl keychain covers!
-Dirty! Japanese book (XD)
- Cupcake flavored chaptick and bodylotion/ bath stuff
- Scrapbooking kit and book. (Awesome, since I'm in charge of the Rainbow scrapbook)
- a really cute Sweater dress
- lots of leggings and tights (I told my mom I wanted some. c:)
-A little figurine speaker thing that looks like a girl
- Kawaii Not book w/ stickers
-A set of 3 UW Husky T-shirts :D
-To do list hand tattoos (Since I always write on my hands)
- Cross necklace from my aunt, and some delicate chain bracelets
- Pucca-chan laptop decals
- Fuego gift card and rose necklace
- an 'interesting' bag from my aunt.
-Sparkly eyeshadow and nail polish (Good for Rainbow sleepovers)
- Uwajimaya postcard :D
- Lipgloss set (Shellie will like it)
- A makeup pallet thing with crazy colors ( good for cosplay and for sleepovers)
- Really cute passport cover and a matching pen. :)
-Twinkleberry perfume/lotion set from Victorias Secret. From my aunt.
-Breast Cancer Tshirt from my Aunt. My mom got one too.
- Fishnet tights

I am probably insane.

Yesterday was my first day of work! :D Orientation, doesn't really count... But I got paid!
Some parts were scary, and I was really nervous last night/this morning. After sitting through the video and talking with people, I'm really excited. Target so far is ~Best company Ever~ (That is a policy/motto, not even my own words. Seriously. :D I added the tidles ~)
I have today off just because I had class for the first hour of training. Kind of sucks, but already they were really flexible.

I work at 5 am on Black Friday. As a Cashier. : D

I'm looking forward to it. XD It all depends on how well I handle being a cashier though. Hopefully well, because I really really really want to be hired permanently.

I won't be able to go to the Twilight-Themed OV (Rainbow event) this weekend though. :< Its interesting, and would probably be a lot of fun... but I work from 4:30-11pm. I'd never make it back in time. I might go to Gasukan though. Every single month since March Rainbow events have taken over. I'd like to go to a cosplay event, but I'm not sure if I want to go alone.. At the very least, it will be at the UW, so I can use that opportunity to look around.
I need to start on my application there. x_x It's so unnerving, having to apply a year beforehand and wait until June to find out if you get it or not. I'm not ready now, but I know I will be come the end of summer. I have to explain that, sell myself, and come up with the money. I am so happy I have a part-time job now...But its temporary.. so once again, everything hinges on me getting a (permanent) job

Ick, I better get to class

Things I want to accomplish in the next <5 years

-Get a job
-Finish transcribing my Japan journal
-Get into UW
-Get at least one scholarship
- Finish my Associates
-Get another job?
-Get my own place/live in the dorms
-Fly over to WV and visit Kiyo
-Go to Supreme Assembly
-Have enough money for my own car (For when the Focus meets its inevitable death)
-Put away $5-10 each paycheck for Japan Fund, Con fund, anything important.
-Oregon Grand Assembly 2010
-Take on bigger class loads
-Get my TESOL certificate
-Get my Bachelors
-Apply for JET
-Get into JET
-Go to Kure
-Study abroad


Today was the best weekend I've had in a loooong time. I haven't been having a bad week, but its hard to keep happy when living so far away sucks. I was so lazy and blue that I didn't bother going anywhere. I definately remember now that I must spend my weekends (and other possible days) in Bremerton, no matter how BLEGH I feel. c: I have the most amazing friend and family there... I get heartsick without them. <3
Anyway. My mom did a trade-off. She picked me up after class on friday and we drove to Bremerton. I spent the weekend in Bremerton while our old neighbor Marcia spent the weekend with my mom and in my room. It was a pretty good deal. I got lunch and was able to pick up my Grand Officer Reception dress fabric before I was dropped off at the mall. [Amanda was working that day]
Which reminds me... ^^ I had an interview for AMC last tuesday. I had and still have a good feeling about it. I find out whether or not I am hired on the 19th (thursday). Wish for me! >w<
Nothing spectacular happened, but nothing bad did either. I had a lot of fun without spending $$ and going out of my way. I found a new manga that I want to read. (Dramacon. Its an american-made one, but its about a anime convention and cosplay... my loves. )
We had a Rainbow dinner. I'm so glad Mandarr usually picks up where I falter... I was ready for it, but somehow I had it in my mind that it was on saturday. We made it there, and hosted the dinner. It was buffet-style, which was nice. No running around and worrying about getting peoples drinks, refills... more food. At the same time though, there was nothing to do work-wise. It was fun to socialize with the girls, but I didn't feel like I did any work.
I have a horrible memory for time... I'm pretty sure after the dinner we went to the Global Bean. Brad made us hot chocolate again, and we watched the first episode of East of Eden on my laptop.
I love that anime. :D It's 11 episodes, but one of the classics. It beat DBZ on most-watched anime or something similar to that. Although its a short anime, it is packed of interesting things, and enough plot to have 2 movies announced after the final episode. I'd group it with Wolfs Rain/ FMA in that its a serious somewhat philosophical anime. It can also come off as a like-it-or-hate-it show though. I would absolutely LOVE to cosplay it, but the character designs are simple. It wouldn't be worth it walking into a con in street clothes expecting to be a cosplay. I DO want to make a selecao phone. :D I'm working on getting bits and pieces from the anime though, because I do like the clothes. It would be fun just to do as a photoshoot.
More con rambling! I won't be able to do Akicon this year, which is sad. The Grandie retreat comes first. My mom got a job though, so my mom might pay for a hotel in Vancouver for M.E.W. I also found out that my friend from California is planning to come for the biggest comic-con in the northwest. I forget its name, but its the week/ a few days before Sakuracon. Mandarr and Brad were planning to go, which makes it better. I'm making a RO alchemist cosplay to wear to it. I'm not reaaaally into American comics, but I want something that kind of works in that demographic.
Sakuracon is going to be awesome. Brad has been convinced into being Kamina for our Gurren group. I get to make a Kamina costume, and we will have a nice, solid group. :D It makes it a lot easier for the skit we want to perform for out cosplay group, We Love Cake.

Now my attention span is gone. D: More later